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You've surfed. You've read. You've consulted with colleagues. So how do you pick the right keynote speaker for your event?


How do you decide which presenter is the perfect expression of your key theme and message? And will he/she exceed your audience’s expectations? Evaluate the following four critical elements to a successful event: Audience, Message, Delivery, and Outcomes.


Audience - The audience is the most important element of any event. They are not only the recipients of the message, but are your judge and jury. They are looking to you to “raise the bar” every year while keeping your budget in line. What are you doing differently that will greatly impact your audience at this upcoming event?

In our experience, most audiences will respond well to:
•               Fresh, meaningful content they haven’t heard before. 
•               High-energy talent 
•               Creative delivery 
•               Charisma
•               Originality 
•               An experience that emotionally moves them "outside their box"

Remember, the key question to ask is, “How will this presenter be a hit with my audience?”

Message - Will the speaker’s message appeal to your audience? To create the greatest likelihood of a smash hit, make sure the presenter’s message is versatile enough to not only reinforce your own unique objectives or themes, but that it appeals to every individual, no matter their stage of life, both professionally and personally.

Ask the presenter to demonstrate how his/her message integrates with your unique objectives or themes. This is an important element that cannot be overlooked.

Delivery - A strong message with poor or even average delivery can spell disaster. Look for qualities like charisma, originality, audience participation, professionalism, and passion. If your goal is to simply keep your audience awake, there are hundreds of humorous keynote speakers.

  1. But if you want to make a major impact and create a “WOW!” response, you need to ask some hard questions. To get a true sense of the presenter’s style ask the following questions:
  • What does [presenter] do to keep our audience engaged during the presentation? 
  • Why would I want to sit and listen to [presenter] for 60 minutes? 
  •  How is [presenter]’s presentation style different from other presenters out there?

Outcomes - Results are often difficult to measure with a keynote presentation. 

When your audience leaves the room, what do you want them to say, feel or do? What results are important to you? 

Use this list as a guideline: 

  • Motivation
  • Transformation ( Changing your audiences mindset)
  • Knowledge ( New skill set learned)
  • Increased loyalty to your company or mission
  • Feel- good experience
  • Astonishment and wonder
  • Entertainment
  • Goodwill building
  • Laughter ( lighthearted fun)
  • Create a lasting impression
  • ________________( Add your own)


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