Rudy Wietfeldt MEd,

“The glass is completely full – it’s half full of water and half full of air.”

Professionally and personally, there are few people in the world more qualified than Rudy to talk about overcoming adversity and living a happy life. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophy, physiology and psychology from the University of Toronto, Rudy comes with over 20 years of clinical experience in Emergency Psychiatry. As well, Rudy’s work includes his private psychotherapy practice and, using “skypotherapy” via the web, he treats people from around the world. A prolific author and speaker, he is the National Health and Happiness Examiner for Canada. Rudy is also co-founder and president of a software company that specializes in publishing self- development apps as well as treatment modules on web, computer, and mobile-based platforms using Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.

Rudy has released The Core of Happiness – a book dubbed “the great Canadian novel on Happiness” – having himself faced early parental loss as well as the death of four children, three boys and a girl, by age 33. The Core of Happiness was penned by Rudy in the hope that his surviving children and others would ultimately derive benefit from his philosophy of hope that has guided his life.

In early 2010, Rudy reached out to Steven and to Jimmy via the web as part of a plan to collaborate with others interested in promoting personalized, genuine happiness.



Discussions grew and with the sense there was a good blend of philosophies, personalities, and goals, Rudy introduced the magical thought leader to the medical CEO. There was immediate synergy and excitement and thus Be Happy For Life! was enthusiastically created!

Together we acknowledged that the world needs more happiness. And together we agreed that the experiences we’ve collectively had – both personally and professionally – make us uniquely positioned to not only produce a comprehensive, multi-media happiness product line but also to conduct a live seminar experience and a feature-length documentary, all set to transform billions of lives.