Our Mission

Our mission is to create lasting joy and happiness by Invoking the
imagination, Provoking the learning process and Evoking the emotions of people around the world.

From individuals to large organizations to communities, we work with groups both large and small to ensure our message is happily received!

The result?

People are learning to Be Happy For Life! Folks of all ages and stages are enjoying the process of growing their own genuine, lasting happiness.

Our Products

The "Be Happy For Life!" unique line of products are based upon one fundamental premise: To achieve real, lasting, happiness—to completely transform the quality of your life, now and forever—you must adopt new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. 

You need to listen to a new perspective; you must ask new questions; you must put yourself into new states of thinking and feeling. 

You must take new actions, get new results, and thereby gain new perspectives.

Imagine yourself living everyday where you are challenged, supported and feel more alive than you have in years.

Current Projects

Be Happy For Life! - Live Theatrical Seminar Experience


Imagine experiencing something so new, something so different that it defies your ability to describe it..

Envision a life changing, interactive and emotional journey that will move your very soul.

Consider learning real life skills you can use to create a reality beyond your dreams.

Enlighten you, inspire you and usher you to a place in your heart that
you’ve never been.

The real message of happiness. Magically presented. Forever yours.
An experience of two lifetimes....  How? Happy For Life! -
The Live Interactive Seminar Tour will...


"Happy For Life!" - Feature Length Documentary

Have you ever wondered why people in some of the poorest nations in the world are among the happiest people on earth? Or why some of the wealthiest people are among the most miserable? What is true happiness? Why are some people happy and others are not? What are the most common myths about happiness and how can you change your life to be happy now. Journey with us and we explore both sides of this important and profound topic.