Dr. Jimmy DeMesa

"My personal mission is to be a positive, creative force for health and happiness ... What a Life!"


Jimmy DeMesa is a physician, a "rejuvenating" corporate CEO, an entrepreneur, an author, and a speaker. He’s also the ingenius professor behind the popular website BeHappy101.com and, as such, his class is always in session! A while back, when he was business partners with the well- known personal development coach, Tony Robbins, Jimmy discovered that his purpose in life is to be a positive, creative force for health and happiness.
And everything he does is directed toward that purpose for Jimmy has learned that nothing trumps happiness. Whether by treating the sick while practicing medicine, leading dcorporate teams to success as a CEO, playing with his kids, or working on projects and books as a happiness guru, Jimmy always wants people to be happy! Jimmy’s motto, like his first book title, is simply “BeHappy!.” Jimmy joins Steven and Rudy in welcoming you and encouraging you to learn more about Be Happy For Life!