HAPPY FOR LIFE! - The Documentary

A Featured Length Documentary 


Documentary Summary: 

Research shows that only 20 percent of Americans consider themselves to be happy. What about the other 80 percent? Perhaps they are too busy. Maybe they are afraid to take risks. Whatever their reasons, these people have one thing in common: the desire to have a more satisfying life.  In "Happy For LIfe - The Documentary", we will provide practical advice for attaining happiness and satisfaction. Rather than focusing on the problems that need to be changed, This film explores how to cultivate happiness by recognizing and practicing the habits of happy people. With interactive tools and insightful stories from people of all walks of life, from happy to sad, a simple approach will help people discover what they've been missing in life.



Scientists and academics have spent entire careers investigating what makes people happy. But hidden in obscure scholarly journals and reports, their research is all too often inaccessible to ordinary people. 

This full length documentary is a straightforward explanation of the science behind real happiness to show you how to transform a ho-hum existence into a full and happy life.


This film IS NOT a New Age self-help simple minded depiction on the law of attraction as a "groundbreaking" and "life-changing work". Claiming  that one's positive thoughts are "powerful magnets" that attract material things like wealth, cars, and homes.

For this film, we will interview happy people from all walks of life, from the United States to folks from around the globe. Both the wealthy and the poor, from celebrities to the everyday man. The resulting personal stories, will touch your soul and teach you the true principles and reveal popular myths behind the science of happiness. 

This film will be featuring new interviews with doctors, researchers and scientist that will explore new research and reveal the most current information on the science of happiness, this in-depth film will present an outline of the most common choices happy people consistently make. Proving that you choose to participate in your own state of happiness and well being everyday. 

These choices include the active intention to be happy, accountability, identifying needs and desires, and centralizing goals by creating a realistic list of goals followed by the learned skills of following through with your intentions


"Happy For Life - The Documentary"

Encourages viewers to be intelligent and skillful in their practice of newly learned skills. This new perspective outlines the essential steps by which we can all obtain real and true lasting happiness.

Each day, we perform the tasks of everyday life without thought or awareness. Things like:  walking, sitting, working, eating, driving, and much more. 

"Happy For Life - The Documentary" points out that if we remain truly aware of our actions, thoughts and decision making on a daily basis, no matter the task we're performing, we can stay engaged in our lives and better our outlook through mindfulness. 

This key practice is the foundation for this accessible, easy-to-understand skill, and an invaluable tool for change for both seasoned practitioners and lay people interested in bettering their lives through full awareness.